Jericho Thorp – Ep.41

jerichoA mainstay of the Austin improv community and a true hero of mine, Jericho Thorp, joins us in this episode.

Jericho is a member of Midnight Society who perform weekly improv shows on Saturdays at 10pm at ColdTowne Theater. Midnight Society is one of the longest running groups in Austin (the second student group created out of ColdTowne conservatory). They’re masters of improv, sketch on stage and on screen, commercials for this podcasts, and seemingly anything else that comes their way.

I find Jericho to be a tremendous actor whose commitment and ability to believably portray characters both big and small is inspiring. He always seems to be having a good time, and his skill and energy often reminds me of why I love doing improv.

In this episode we talked with Jericho about character, commitment, and much much more.  Then to top it all off we played a great game that KC created where we improvise short scenes, and then talk about the process and why we made certain choices.

Midnight Society can be found on the web here:
This episodes featured song is “Smiling Like A Buddha” by Railroad Earth.
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