David Hess – Ep.35

Hess GYBDavid Hess is truly a renaissance man.

Perhaps you’ve seen him improvising with groups including The Team and Glamping Trip, or acting in a local live stage version of the Ghostbusters, or acting online in something like the trailer for Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film, or even performing with one of his bands Supersonic Uke or Baby Got Bacteria

Hess’ talent is multifaceted and undeniable. So, we were thrilled to have him in the Got Your Back studio for an interview. We discussed his philosophies for his various projects, and how he has managed to stay busy without stretching himself so thin as to dilute his work. We also had a lengthy conversation about finding your voice as an artist, and how that nebulous process can transform assumed weaknesses into unexpected strengths.

To end the episode we brought back our no laughing game, Keep It Together.

Catch David Hess improvising with Elevator Action opening for Bad Boys in May at ColdTowne Theater.

Commercial in this episode by Wink Planet.
Featured song in this episode by Fareed Haque.

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