Dave Buckman – Ep.34

Dave BuckmanWe interviewed one of the most experienced, and (in my opinion) most talented improv instructors in Austin, Dave Buckman.

Dave’s impact on my development as an improviser has been profound. As an original ColdTowne faculty member he taught my final level of classes, and helped me come to understand a number of the resonant improv tenants I still operate on today. In the middle portion of this episode we had a detailed discussion of one of those lessons, “the importance of reacting specifically to the last thing”…

When I started thinking about moving to Chicago, Dave encouraged me to make the leap and go for it.

After I moved back to Austin he encouraged me to teach and direct shows at ColdTowne.

So I feel like I (like so many others) owe a great debt of gratitude to Dave Buckman.

We began this interview talking with Dave about his history as an improviser. We discussed his time spent training in Chicago at IO and Second City, and how that ultimately led to his taking a job at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam.

We also discussed some of the patterns he has come to notice while teaching his popular personal diagnostic workshops here in Austin.

Dave was kind enough to engage us in a segment we called “Back to Neutral” where he talks about a personal improv peeve, and then follows that up by talking about something he loves about improv.

Finally, we played another round of everyone’s favorite guessing game “Lifetime Original Movie, Young Adult Novel, or Pornographic Film” so that Dave could compete indirectly with his lovely wife, and recent guest of the show, Rachel Madorsky.

Featured song in this episode by Gerrin Benfield & commercial by Wink Planet.

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