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Got Your Back podcast hosted 4 live shows where we invited 13 of our favorite improvisers, teachers, and other great comedic minds from Austin, TX to speak at length on a topic of their choosing.

Here are links to the full length videos as well as clips of each segment. Audio of these episodes will soon be released as podcasts on this page and on podcasting services like itunes.

Episode One (full episode)
– “You Suck Forever: Thoughts on Improv Nihilism” by Bryan Roberts
– “Finding, Feeding, Chasing Inspiration” by Roy Janik
– “Who Arted?” by John Ratliff

Episode Two (full episode)
– “The Importance of Doing” by Michael Jastroch
– “The Art of the Straight Man” by Dave Buckman
– “You Ignorant Slut: Women in Comedy” by Erika May-McNichol

Episode Three (full episode)
– “Spiritual Practice in Improv” by Sarah Marie Curry
– “How To Be Funny” by Lance Gilstrap
– “Real Emotions, Real Connection, Real Improv” by Valerie Ward

Episode Four (full episodes)
– “Conspiracies, Meaning, and Hidden Messages” by Cody Dearing
– “Unconditional Support” by Jericho Thorp
– “The Career Comedian in Today’s Industry” by Will Cleveland
– “Western Theatrical Tradition and Moving On” by Arthur Simone

**Plus musical performances by Justin Soileau, Joseph Dailey, and Bell Labs.


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