Bios and Bailing – Ep.46


In the midst of a summer project KC and I sat down for a quick episode about what’s been on my mind this week. Namely, bios and bailing.

As the artistic director of ColdTowne I am blessed with the task of reviewing submissions for stage time, and I wanted to share some opinions about the tendencies I’ve noticed. 

We also take a few minutes in this episode to talk about bailing in improv. Worse than a mere lack of commitment, giving up entirely is not at all uncommon in improv…and so we had a brief conversation about bailing and where the impulse comes from.

We’re excited to tease some big news in this episode as well, but that will have to wait until it is ready to give you the full scoop. So for now, a vague reference is all we can offer.

Have a good summer, and get those backs.

Featured song in this episode is Lipstick Tree by Tipsy.

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